Our People

The George Mason Centre for the Natural Environment (GMCNE) is managed by an Oversight Board and an Expert Advisory Board.

Oversight Board


Professor John Hosking (Dean of Science, University of Auckland)
Tom Buchanan (Representative for the George Mason Charitable Trust)
Suzanne Service (Philanthropist)


The Oversight Board is responsible for:

    • Policy development for the centre
    • Liaison with the University of Auckland Foundation as to ongoing funding of the centre
    • Review and approval of an annual business plan and budget
    • Approval of delegated authorities to the Advisory Group
    • Approval of detailed funding distribution recommendations from the Advisory Group that exceed approved delegated authorities
    • Monitoring financial expenditure of the centre
    • Monitoring and assessing the research outcomes of the centre


Expert Advisory Board



Professor Simon Thrush (Institute of Marine Sciences)


Board members

Associate Professor Rochelle Constantine (School of Biological Sciences)
Dr Daniel Hikuroa (Te Wānanga o Waipapa)
Professor Richard Le Heron (School of Environment)
Professor George Perry (School of Environment)
Associate Professor Jennifer Salmond (School of Environment)
Associate Professor Nicolas Shears (Institute of Marine Sciences)
Professor James Wright (School of Chemical Sciences)


The Expert Advisory Board is responsible for:

    • Review and evaluation of proposals for new projects
    • Recommendations to the Director for proposals that meet programme inclusion criteria
    • Consulting with the Director on research fund allocation, following consideration of competitive applications
    • Identifying and building connections between projects
    • Promoting the centre


Gifts and Donations


Kate Thompson (Development Manager, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland)


Research Programme Manager


Amy Weir (Faculty of Science, University of Auckland)