Our Research

A conservation conundrum in the Taranaki Bight

What to do when one taonga species is severely impacting the survival of another?

Microplastic transport through the ocean-atmosphere interface with implications into marine life and climate

Investigating the relationship between microplastics in the marine environment and the atmosphere.

Anthropocene landscapes in Aotearoa New Zealand

Effective management of rivers in a world where humans are the dominant driver of geomorphic change.

Greener antimicrobial agents against myrtle rust

Developing environmentally friendly antimicrobials as alternatives to currently used fungicides against myrtle rust.

Returning social-ecological resilience to gumland ecosystems

Gumlands are a highly threatened ecosystem type limited to the far north of Aotearoa-New Zealand.

Carbon cycling in marine soft-sediment habitats

Unlocking the ‘black box’ of carbon cycling in marine soft-sediment habitats.

Connecting to the Mauri of the Moana

Using a community based, qualitative monitoring methodology as a process to connect with and consider the mauri of local marine ecosystems.

Novel modelling approaches to improve conservation outcomes for whitebait

This research project aims to improve management best practice for whitebait.

A multi-modal, non-linear, multi-scale-space model for precise mapping and monitoring of estuary health

Providing marine ecologists, regional councils and the public with new tools and data to assist in preserving New Zealand’s beautiful coasts.